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Are these lemons pierced with needles in Warley Woods a sign of witchcraft?

Lemons pierced with sewing needles found in woodland in the Black Country may be connected to witchcraft or voodoo, it has been claimed.


The bizarre find was made in Warley Woods, Bearwood, where a handful of lemons were discovered with the pins inside, which some said could pose a danger to children and dogs.

Warley Woods lemons. Picture: Kelly Holpin, Warley Woods Community Trust

A picture was posted by one concerned park visitor on Facebook, gaining more than 100 shares.

Viv Cole, friends of Warley Woods, said: "It is some weird thing that someone has done and apparently it suggests that it is for good luck or to ward off a curse. A few lemons were found by us and thrown in the bin. It is just odd and we have no idea of who would have done this."

Facebook users believed it to be a 'urban voodoo' lemon and pin charm, which removes curses originating from a Italian or Hindu myth.

Councillor Bob Piper, who represents the Abbey ward, said: "It is a waste of needles, a waste of lemons, a waste of money and a waste of time.

"They still could endanger children or dogs and it's just plain stupid. I just can't imagine why someone would want to do it." According to Mythology Dictionary, pinning a piece of paper bearing the name of a person to a lemon was said to cause illness, or even death of that individual.

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