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Schoolboy, 12, put in isolation for not wearing blazer to Wolverhampton school on hottest day

A mother is furious after her son was put in isolation for not wearing his blazer to school on the hottest day of the year so far.


Clare Falconer's 12-year-old son Chrissy was given a dressing down by teachers at Aldersley High School when he turned up blazer-less on Wednesday - when temperatures reached 32C.

His mother's fury reached boiling point when she went to the school to speak to staff - and was greeted by an assistant head teacher decked out in shorts and a t-shirt.

However, the Codsall school's vice principal said the pupils did not have to wear the blazers during class time or break times this week due to the heat.

Mrs Falconer, of Fordhouses, said she had kept her son's blazer at home that day as it was too hot for him to wear it.

Her daughter's primary school had made the decision that students could wear shorts and t-shirts this week, she said, which was 'surely common sense' in such unusual weather.

Chrissy Falconer, age 13, is cooled down by mum Clare

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous. It's that hot they shouldn't have them, I don't see the point in them having to carry them if they don't have to wear them.

"I went in and I saw the assistant head teacher and he walks up to me in shorts and t-shirt. I pointed out 'you're not wearing a blazer' and he said it was his uniform."

Mrs Falconer said as she waited to speak to him, she noticed a number of staff wearing summer clothing: "The teachers aren't having to keep their blazers on - they are not suffering and I don't want my son to suffer either."

Vice principal Nicola Bayliss said: "Students had been asked to bring their distinctive purple blazers into school, but they have not been asked to wear them during classes and break time.

"We are very proud of our uniform and students take great pride in wearing it to show they belong to the Aldersley High community.

"As our new Year 7 students are in school this week in preparation for their September start, we wanted them to see our uniform standards."

One Year 7 student came to school without their blazer, she said, and was told he could go back home and get it but he did not want to.

When his mother came to the school she spoke to an assistant head teacher, who had been teaching PE at the time.

She said: "The parent was told her son was required to have the blazer with him but not required to wear it during classes or breaks this week due to the warm weather."

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