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No ticket to ride! Grandfather builds entire miniature railway track in back garden

All aboard! An 83-year-old miniature railway enthusiast has spent the last 30 years creating his own "secret" garden track.

All aboard! Derek on Woody the locomotive

Derek Burwell has had a lifelong fascination with railways after his father took him as a child to his work at Birmingham Coach and Carriage Company.

He then spent his working life repairing and restoring engines, rolling stock and carriages at various Midlands companies.

However, after realising a 272 yard track could fit into his Pelsall back garden Derek began working away to create his own miniature railway.

He said: "The neighbours were a bit surprised when they realised I had my own railway but I've invited them round in the past.

"There are some fabulous miniature railways across the country but you have to know where to find them, people like to keep them a secret, just like mine."

Derek is tight-lipped about where he lives in case he gets people beating a path to his door wanting to ride his railway.