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Road safety petition started by family of man killed by drunk driver rockets in numbers

A petition calling for road safety improvements on a stretch where a drunk driver smashed into a man's car has attracted more then 1,500 signatures in two days.

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Harry Chapman died after his Ford Fiesta (obscured in the bushes) was hit by the Jaguar XF of Scott Gorey
Lola Chapman said the petition was about honouring the memory of her brother Harry

Harry Chapman was just two weeks away from celebrating his 21st birthday when Scott Gorey’s Jaguar XF struck his silver Ford Fiesta in Aldridge Road in Streetly near Walsall on October 8, 2022.

The petition set up by his sister Lola Chapman has been signed by more than 1,550 supporters since it was launched on Sunday. The family claim there had been 10 accidents which did not result in fatalities on the road since 2020 prior to Harry's death.

There are already plans being made by Walsall Council to install speed bumps, but the family said more needs to be done to make it safer.

Miss Chapman said: "They've already said they're going to be implementing speed bumps and I think, three crossings, but I personally don't think that's enough.

"I think there need to be mirrors on the junctions coming out onto the Aldridge Road, better lighting, speed cameras and more signage with the speed limit as it's a road with very poor visibility."

"Why risk speeding when you could be putting someone's life in danger?

"I'd ask for people to look at the picture on the petition as it is an accurate aftermath of what drunk speeding driving can cause.

"If people were to drive not under the influence and at the speed limit, a lot more peoples lives would be saved.

"You could sign the petition in two minutes and it'll be another step closer to making sure no one else loses someone," she added.

Harry's mother Claire said: "The number of people who have signed this petition is phenomenal and shows just how many people want this, plus it has brought up comments from people about serious incidents and fatalities that we might not even know about, and that this road is a really bad one for drivers and pedestrians."

Scott Gorey was jailed was jailed for 11 years and three months and banned from the road

Gorey, 52, of Sutton Road in Walsall was more than twice over the legal limit and driving at 97mph in a 30mph residential street when the crash happened.

He was jailed for 11 years and three months at Wolverhampton Crown Court last month after after admitting an offence of causing Mr Chapman’s death by dangerous driving. He must serve two-thirds of the term before release and was being banned from driving for 13 years and six months.

To find out more about the petition and to sign it, go to