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Police in Walsall helping people avoid trick or treaters this Halloween

Police in a part of Walsall are helping those who don't want trick or treaters knocking at their door this Halloween.

Police have left these stickers in a local supermarket.

Officers in Pleck have left a pile of stickers at local supermarket so those who don't want sweet seekers on their property can stick them on their windows.

The stickers say "no trick or treats" and the words are accompanied by the West Midlands Police logo and a pumpkin image with a red line through it.

As of October 10, the stickers were available at the customers services desk at Morrisons in Bescot.

Pleck Police wrote on social media: "If you don't feel like visitors this Halloween, pop down to Bescot Morrisons.

"We've left some helpful signs for you to place in your windows."

"They're at the customer services desk," the Tweet continued.