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Story of pub wrongly demolished and rebuilt brick-by-brick could give Crooked House campaigners hope

The complete rebuild of a London pub which was wrongly demolished has given hope to campaigners for the stricken Crooked House.

The Carlton Tavern was demolished in 2015, but rebuilt to look as it did before demolition in 2021

The Carlton Tavern in Maida Vale was demolished by property developers CLTX in 2015 after being denied planning permission to convert the then-closed pub into flats, but a campaign and decision by Westminster Council forced the developers to rebuild the pub.

The demise of the Crooked House has led to campaigners calling for the pub to be rebuilt brick-by-brick, similar to the Carlton Tavern.

Since the fire which gutted the pub on August 5 and the demolition work two days later, leading figures in the region such as West Midlands Mayor Andy Street and Dudley North MP Marco Longhi and campaign groups Campaign for Pubs and Facebook group Save the Crooked House (Let's get it rebuilt) have spoken out about the need to preserve the pub.

Mr Street said: "We have been very clear from the moment the Crooked House was demolished without permission that we believe it should be rebuilt brick-by-brick, and we remain laser-focused on making that happen."

Meanwhile Mr Longhi said: "It’s a huge loss as it was a place of significance to the whole region and something people in Dudley certainly treasured, so a lot of people are very upset."

Campaigner Paul Turner started a petition to Save The Crooked House and has had to alter it twice, following the fire and subsequent demolition.

Before the blaze, his petition had gathered a few hundred signatures.