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Storm Dennis: Overflowing stream floods 15 homes in Norton Canes

Water poured into more than a dozen homes in Cannock after a stream burst its banks during Storm Dennis.

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David Bagley in his flooded garden

Burntwood Road in Norton Canes was closed by the flooding and water rushed into 15 houses in nearby Stag Crescent.

Three fire engines with 15 firefighters were called to Norton Canes today and asked for the electricity to be isolated.

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David Bagley woke up in the early hours as the water rose to try and protect the home he shares with partner Christine Lesley in Burntwood Road.

Stag Crescent in Norton Canes
Flooding in Norton Canes. Photo: Darron Mathews

He placed a wooden block outside the house as the water rose but his carpets still flooded throughout.

"It's come straight through," he said. "I've lived here 50-odd years, we've never had it like this before."

"When I got up at 3am you could see how far it was coming so I dragged a piece of wood against the door."

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Chris and Adele Butler, from Stag Crescent, had just redecorated their dining room and spent more than £2,000 on an oak table and cabinet.

Adele said: "We're gutted, this has never happened before.

"We've just been cleaning up all the mess."

The sodden home of Chris and Adele Butler
Chris Butler in his waterlogged garden

And Mark and Julie Rushton said their Stag Crescent home had been "washed out".

Mark added: "You don't expect to be flooded when you're not by a river."

Woodfield Close resident Darron Matthews added: "I don't think it's been known to happen before.

"The stream has been huge before but it's never flooded."

A culvert is cleared in Burntwood Road

Although the storm flooded many roads in the region, residents in Norton Canes were among an unlucky few whose homes were flooded after the storm.

Further afield in Shropshire, houses were flooded in Bridgnorth, Clun and Much Wenlock, while a major incident was declared in Ludlow.

Among the roads affected by flooding were the A5 at Gailey, the M54 near the M6, the A442 near Bridgnorth and the A38 at Fradley.

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