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A dream come true as Arantxa prepares to open shop in Newport

Newport is set to welcome a new independent shop to the high street with its owner saying the move is a 'dream come true'.

Arantxa at the shop

Arantxa Colen has been handed the keys to 93a High Street in her hometown and will open Rock N Soul Crystals.

The new shop, which will launch early this year, will sell crystals as well as jewellery, incense and essential oils, framed ethical taxidermy and accessories.

Arantxa said: "I have wanted to do this for years.

"I always collected crystals when I was younger and, as I got a little bit older, I started reading up on them, seeing what their different properties were and what they do.

"I would keep them in my bag and car, and have them in specific places around my house. My friends would talk to me about them as well and would always say they were interested."

The new shop

She added: "Over the last 15-20 years, I have been saying 'I'd love to have a shop' and, at the end of 2022, I thought 'I am going to go for it, give it a whirl and see how it goes'."

Arantxa started doing pop-up events, which have become more frequent as she looked to 'test the waters'.

"After a while, I thought I would start focusing on more Newport events, such as craft events at Cosy Hall and high street events like Food Frenzy," she said.

"The response was phenomenal and it blew me away to be honest. I had people coming to see me at all the events and people asking for recommendations for crystals and the benefits of them, when they couldn't sleep or felt stressed.

"I loved it. The days would fly by and it didn't feel like work. I have always lived in Newport and see it as my dream location for a shop.

"So when the premises became available, I jumped at the chance. The response to my planned opening has been incredible and I have been so overwhelmed by the reaction. I never expected anything like it."

Now Arantxa is busy getting her new shop ready for opening and is hoping for success.

"I have a vision in mind and I want people to come in and feel comfortable, completely at ease to look around at their own leisure," she said.

"I will have a seating area with books if people want to look up about the meaning of crystals and I'll be here to give advice.

"We will have small pocket money items – little treasures – to big statement pieces and everything in between.

"I will be selling jewellery, essential oils, incense and accessories. Everything is laid out in my mind about how it will look and I think it will all come together.

"I am just over the moon and so excited. I can't stop talking about it!

"I'm thrilled I am opening up in Newport. It always feels like its bustling and flourishing here. There's a really nice atmosphere and it's just a really nice place. I am so excited."

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