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Temporary barriers remain four months after terrifying car crash leading to fears of repeat

Missing crash barriers revealing a 50 ft “sheer drop” have caused residents in Bridgnorth to raise safety fears.

LAST COPYRIGHT NATIONAL WORLD PLC STEVE LEATH 11/04/2024..Pic in Bridgnorth, and barriers have been damaged on Underhill Street, but temprary barriers along a footpath keep getting vandalised and thrown down the bank..

On December 29 last year, a car went through the barriers in New Road and plummeted 50 ft onto Hollybush Road below.

Incredibly, the driver managed to get out despite the vehicle suffering significant damage and landing on its roof.

But the crash barriers that are designed to prevent drivers from plummeting down the 15-metre drop between the two roads have yet to be replaced, and temporary plastic barriers that have been put up have been pulled down by either the wind or vandals.

The fire service shared pictures of the crash last year. Picture: Bridgnorth Fire Station.