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The time a monkey went on the loose for 17 days in Shropshire

A monkey that went missing in Scotland for five days, did not last as long in its bid for freedom as the time a monkey escaped from the West Midlands Safari Park more than 30 yeas ago.

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Honshu, the Japanese macaque was recaptured in the Cairngorms on Thursday after escaping Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig earlier this week.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland's drone team observed the animal until he was shot with a tranquiliser dart and taken back to the park.

But the primate's time on the run did not last as long as when a monkey nicknamed The Artful Dodger made a bid for freedom from West Midlands Safari Park in 1990.

Back then the Bewdley attraction had a drive-through monkey jungle, and the mutinous monkey was able to slip out and escaped the confines of the park.

A monkey hotline was set up for locals to report any sightings.

Amazingly, the cheeky creature wasn't found for 17 days, after it had made it all the way to Bridgnorth - more than 26 miles away.

The Artful Dodger was eventually found after being spotted on the roof of Star Aluminium (now Bridgnorth Aluminium) in the town's Stourbridge Road and was returned safely to the safari park.

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