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'My mould-ridden council home has made my baby ill and means I'm separated from her'

A family of six has been 'pleading' to be moved out of their mould-ridden council home.

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Katie Roberts, Ashley Rust, baby Willow, Scarlett and Hunter

Katie Roberts, who lives with her partner Ashley, their three children and her sister in Wednesbury, even has letters from doctors saying the mould is a 'significant risk' to the young children's health.

The 26-year-old, who cannot work due to suffering from PTSD, social anxiety disorder, autism and paranoid schizophrenia, says their living condition is 'disgusting'.

She said: "There are just too many people and too much furniture in the house that the air can't circulate and it's causing mould. In the summer, we can open the windows, but when it gets to winter, that isn't an option."

The mould spread across the walls

Her children, Hunter, aged three, Scarlett, aged two, and Willow, who is just 3 months old, have already developed health conditions as a result of the mould.

When Katie was pregnant with Willow, a letter from her GP addressed to the council read: "The mould issue is a significant risk factor to the health of her unborn child.

"It would be in Katie's and her unborn child's best interest for her to be relocated as soon as possible to a bigger property with four bedrooms and a garden."