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Mother and kids jump out the way as water rushes into bus after driver enters flooded road

A mother has said her little boy is scared of travelling by bus now after water came rushing when the driver headed down a flooded road.

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Water sloshing around the bus after the driver went into a flooded road

Leigh Desmond said she and her children were travelling on the number 12 bus along Seven Stars Road in Oldbury last Sunday evening - after heavy rain had caused flash floods around the Black Country - when the bus came across a large puddle of water.

In a video shared with the Express & Star, floodwater can be seen sloshing around the bus and Ms Desmond's pram as she tries to reassure her worried children - one of whom can be seen on a seat trying to keep dry.

The area had been one of many affected by large amounts of water from heavy rainfall on the morning and Ms Desmond said the bus had gone straight into the flood and water had come rushing in.

She said: "We had the really bad weather that day and the road was meant to be shut, but I think the driver didn't know and he drove straight through the flooding on the road.

"The water was that deep that it came crashing down the bus and as he was in, he couldn't go back, so the water came rushing down the bus.

"I ended up standing on the stairs, while my kids were jumping up on the seats to avoid getting wet."

Ms Desmond said she and her children were left shocked by what had happened, with one of her children saying he wasn't happy to get on the bus again, and said she wanted an apology.

She said: "I'd love them to apologise as I haven't heard much from them after they said they were passing it on to their management.

"My little boy is scared to get on the bus now and keeps asking me to tell the bus driver not to go through the puddles.

"I also wasn't happy that the driver then told us to get off the bus and walk up the street, in the dark, to another stop."

A spokeswoman for NX West Midlands said: "Services were temporarily diverted around a flood caused by heavy rainfall on Seven Stars Road on Sunday morning.

"The driver of the number 12 service stopped mid-route to further avoid the flood.

"Passengers were directed to walk to a nearby stop where buses were still running."