Great Dane from Black Country is now one of oldest in country after eating full chicken every day

Gourmet meals and lots of walks have helped a Black Country dog to live to a ripe old age.

Martin Bamford describes Braga as loyal and loving
Martin Bamford describes Braga as loyal and loving

Braga, a Great Dane, is currently enjoying his 13th year with regular walks from his owner Martin Bamford around their home in Cinder Hill, between Sedgley and Bilston.

The 12-year-old Braga was born in 2009 and Martin Bamford said he had been utterly spoilt by the family since they got him.

He said: "Over the years, we've cooked him a full chicken every day, so he'd always tuck into that or mincemeat and spaghetti, alongside his dog biscuits.

"There were times when I'd get back from work and I'd be having a jacket potato with salad and he's there having a full roast chicken, so he'd be eating better than I would."

Mr Bamford said Braga, who was named after the city in Portugal, was very old by Great Dane standards, with the average age usually around eight years old for a Great Dane.

He said Braga was a very loyal and friendly dog and a great friend to his son Romaeo.

He said: "He's very loving and loyal and has grown up with my son, who is 11, so they go on a lot of long walks together.

"We ended up getting him as I liked the colour of him because he's blue, as well as being a very good looking, proper dog.

"The benefits to having him are many, including him being really loyal and loving, being great with kids and being obedient, so you don't even need to worry about putting a lead on as he will just stand there."

Mr Bamford said he and his friends had had a good laugh about the name when Sporting Braga played Wolves in the Europa League in the 2019/20 football season, saying Braga was very much a Wolves fan.

He also described Braga as a mini-celebrity, describing the scene when he goes to a car boot sale.

He said: "If I do a car boot sale, people will come over to him and have their photos taken with him, as will little children who stand next to him.

"He's a very popular and loyal dog and I'm delighted to see him reach 12 years old."

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