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Giant landslip leaves Black Country residents 'living on the edge of a cliff'

A huge landslip which gets bigger every time it rains is destroying Black Country residents' gardens and leaving some 'living on the edge of a cliff'.

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John standing on the edge his garden's decking which is on land which is disintegrating

The landslip in Cradley Heath has destroyed trees and two sheds in the last year and two days ago even more land crumbled with the recent bad weather.

High Haden Crescent resident John Hingley has seen the landslip get worse year by year since moving into his home a decade ago.

He said: "I've seen trees disappear looking out my bedroom window, and I've seen two sheds disappear too.

"And it keeps getting worse, two days ago it got even bigger and even closer to my land.

"When it rains the land turns into clay and chunks just fall down the slope."