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We'll crack down on fly-tippers, says parliamentary hopeful

Courts should have the power to impose driving bans and jail terms on fly-tippers, says a parliamentary hopeful.

Marco Longhi is calling for a crackdown on fly-tippers

Marco Longhi, seeking re-election in Dudley at next month's General Election, said under Conservative plans the offence of fly-tipping would carry penalty points on the driving licence.

Longhi, said: “I welcome these plans from the Prime Minister because fly-tipping really irritates local communities, it is corrosive and reduces any sense of pride in local areas.

"Being able to quickly punish people who fly-tip is key in eliminating this disgusting practice so I very much welcome this step and I look forward to more in the future.”

Another measure to tackle anti-social behaviour would give councils and housing associations the power to evict tenants after three proven instances of anti-social behaviour, he added.

Mr Longhi said the measures would clamp down on behaviour which caused havoc among communities, and was often linked to other crimes such as domestic violence and drug-dealing.

He said the measures built on the Prime Minister’s anti-social behaviour plan, unveiled in March. The plan, initially launched in 10 pilot areas, imposed £1,000 fines on fly-tippers, banned the use of nitrous oxide as a recreational drug, and forced offenders to clean up their own graffiti.

"This successful hotspot policing programme will be rolled out in England and Wales too across the next Parliament," said Mr Longhi.

"This will ensure that millions more hours of patrolling can be targeted in the worst affected areas. Where this is already in place, there has been a huge increase in enforcement, and up to 50 percent decrease in anti-social behaviour."