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Road shut for hours after car rolls down embankment and ends up 'balanced precariously'

A road in Dudley was closed for four hours after a car rolled down a grassy bank and stopped in a "dangerous position".


Fire services were called to the incident in Highland Road, Dudley, on Thursday when a caller reported a car in what they believed to be a dangerous position.

A fire engine from Dudley was sent out and found a white Kia "balanced precariously" over another road. It appeared to have rolled down Eve Hill, the embankment of Tesco Esso Express petrol station, towards Dibdale Road below.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Fire Service said: "We were called at 9.44am to Highlands Road. We sent one engine from Dudley after a caller reported a vehicle in what they believed to be a dangerous position.

"After crews got there, they found one car that had slid down an embankment and come to rest in an unsafe position. The vehicle was balanced precariously and over another road.

"Our crews made the vehicle safe and asked police to attend for traffic management and recovery of the vehicle, because of the position of the car. Firefighters used lines (ropes) which were put between trees to stop the car rolling further down the embankment, as it was close to another road.

"The driver was there and was trying to arrange their own recovery of the car. Firefighters secured the vehicle with lines and a winch, and recovery of the vehicle was left with a specialist recovery crew. Firefighters left the scene at 12.45pm."

One resident was unable to get in or out of her driveway for four hours due to the road being closed.