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Some posho reckons Brum to Wolves line is the UK's most boring railway, pure saftness, I cor be having that!

Some bod has had the cheek to say the train line between Birmingham and Wolverhampton is the most boring in the country.

Black horses are not boring, restored Rosie at Coseley Railway Station

Well, I am writing this sitting on a train between the two industrial power houses and am watching a fantastic argument between two teenage girls and a creepy bloke, he is getting destroyed. Ah, hang on, it might be getting physical, yep, he's been destroyed.

How is that boring? I bet the dude who besmirched our fantastic choo choo line sat in first class, Mr Yawnville.

And the fun isn't just the passengers, this dude didn't even notice the majesty of the Black 'Osses.

Name me another train line with 12 huge iron black horses adorning either side of the track. Well between New Street and Wolves is 'the longest sculpture in the world', unveiled in 1987 by artist Kevin Atherton they make the line anything but boring. As child, the game would be to spot them, now as an adult the fun is to see which of the 'scabby 'osses' have had legs sawn off by tatters.

An anemic looking Iron Horse in Tipton in 2013

The horse at Coseley Railway Station was literally saved after being buried alive in undergrowth after being hacked to pieces, now she is called Rosie, and is beautiful. Tell the volunteers who first saved her, then repaired her and then battled rail companies to get her installed on the platform that their story is boring.

Rosie's heroes in Coseley!

And what other train lines can you actually travel through time, when the line passes Dudley Port and Tipton look out the window to The Cut, see canal boats being worked on. When dusk falls the place looks exactly as it did in the industrial heyday of the Black Country 200 years ago.