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Ambulance service commits to new charter against racism

The region's ambulance service has marked Race Equality Week by launching a Race Equality and Inclusion Charter for staff.

West Midlands Ambulance Service has launched a new anti-racism charter

West Midlands Ambulance Service said the Charter represents the Trusts commitment to Anti–Racism, striving towards inclusivity and maintaining a zero tolerance approach to racism and discrimination.

The new charter emphasises addressing racism and asks staff to speak up against it if encountered or observed within the organisation or during interactions with patients.

As an extension of the Charter, a training package has been created that aims to increase awareness around the different forms of racial discrimination, how people can speak out against it and also the importance of understanding & valuing difference.

Director of People, Carla Beechey said: “The Trust is committed to creating and maintaining a zero-tolerance approach to racism and discrimination.

"Sadly, we have seen cases of this internally, but where it has happened, we have taken immediate and robust action.

“Sadly however, too many of our staff have and continue to face racism as they go about their job, which we find deeply disappointing.

"How can it be right, for example, that a paramedic wearing a hijab faces abusive comments from bystander and even patients when another member of staff wouldn’t; they are both trying to help people in their hour of need.

“Race and racism are not always well understood and therefore race is mistakenly and widely used to denote difference.

"Racism is very real and yet often we deny it affects us and our behaviours, which is something we are determined to change.”

Head of diversity and inclusion, Mohammed Ramzan said: “I’m very excited by the training package and hope it will help us take another step forward in our commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace for all staff, volunteers, students, patients and service users.

“Racial discrimination can have a significant psychological impact on the health and well-being of those affected; therefore, we need to continue working hard to develop an inclusive workplace culture where employees feel safe to, and actively challenge racial discrimination and inequalities across our Trust and the wider West Midlands.”

Human Resources manager, Charanpreet Dheensa said: “This Charter is WMAS’s commitment to our staff, students and volunteers that racism will not be tolerated, and whatever your heritage, ethnicity or culture, you will be treated fairly, with respect and with compassion.

“It is a commitment to upholding your right to work in an environment that is free from racial discrimination, abuse, and harassment, and free from any form of racist language and behaviour.

"It is the promotion and celebration of diversity through inclusion and acceptance.”

The training will be available to all employee’s, students or volunteers and provides a structure for how the service can work together to achieve a safe, inclusive and positive place to work.

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