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West Midlands tourists fined for visiting Wales and being 'abusive' toward police

Thirteen people from the West Midlands have been stopped after they were caught visiting Wales.

A total of 13 people went to Stackpole in Pembrokeshire - and were fined. Photo: Pembroke Dock police

Police stopped the tourists at Stackpole in Pembrokeshire – where they told the drivers to return home.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) were subject to abuse from the motorists, who were issued fines and sent home, says the Pembroke Dock Police.

A spokesman for Pembroke Dock Police said: "Thirteen people came from West Midlands to Stackpole.

"They decided to be abusive towards the PCSOs instead of returning home when asked, with assistance from response officers they were issued fines and sent home.

"One vehicle had no MOT either – you couldn’t make it up."

It comes after four people were escorted out of Pembrokeshire by officers – with people from Birmingham spotted unloading beach equipment.

A spokesman added: "Please respect the regulations that are still in place to help keep our communities safe – thank you."