Natalie Putt: 'We’re no closer to the truth' say desperate family

Fourteen years after the disappearance of Natalie Putt, her devastated family are still no closer to learning the truth about what happened.

Natalie Putt
Natalie Putt

Natalie went missing from near her home in Upper Gornal 14 years ago.

Now the Express & Star has produced a short video outlining the mystery, in an effort to keep the case fresh in people’s minds.

It has been backed by Natalie’s family, who are desperate for closure in a case which destroyed their lives.

Despite police and Crimewatch appeals, Natalie, who was aged 17 when she went missing, has never been found.

Last month, police confirmed the disappearance was being treated as a murder investigation after new information came to light. ‘Credible’ new information led police to exhume graves at Ruiton Cemetery, near her home.

Officers said ‘at least two people’ knew why police had chosen the cemetery, calling for them both to come forward.

But the case went cold again after the graveyard search yielded no clues.

David Putt wants to know what happened to his missing daughter

Express & Star editor Keith Harrison said: “This case involving the disappearance of a young girl is one of the most disturbing cases in recent decades and we share the family’s distress over what happened to her.

“Someone knows what happened and, like the family, the Express & Star will not rest until we get answers over her disappearance. I’d urge anyone with information to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

In June, Natalie’s father David broke his 10-year silence, giving an interview with the Express & Star on the latest development in the police investigation.

Police say they are no longer treating the case as a missing person search, but now a murder inquiry.

Mr Putt, aged 60, from Wolverhampton, said: “I am still in limbo, I still do not know any more than I did 14 years ago. I don’t feel any better from day to day. I feel alot worse, the fact it has turned into a murder inquiry makes it much worse.

“It feels like I am waiting for that horrible phone call or visitor to the front door for someone to tell me the bad news.

“But you have to remain hopeful, hopeful for answers, hopeful people with information do call in.”

WATCH: The Express & Star takes a closer look at the case

He added: “If she has met up with a millionaire and is living in luxury in Barbados, that’s fine. We just all need to know what has happened to her.” Natalie had given birth to her son, Rhys, 11 weeks before going missing.

A major search for her was launched including at a pool near her home in Thornleigh in the weeks which followed.

Reported sightings were made of her across the country, from Cardiff to Bournemouth and to Scotland. But the investigation drew a blank until four years ago police dug up a paddock in Himley where Natalie kept horses.

Another appeal was done on the 10th anniversary of her disappearance which featured a computer image showing what Natalie looked like now. Again, nothing came up.

But that same picture of Natalie was again shown during Britain’s Got Talent in June. It was during a performance of Missing Persons.

From that, it is believed someone came forward with information to police.

But the exhuming of graves in Upper Gornal came up with no answers again.

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