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Canal trust confirms Bilston canal wildlife is 'thriving' despite brown sludge

Officials say "wildlife is thriving" despite the brown sludge seen in a stretch of Bilston canal.

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Brown sludge deemed safe by Canal River Trust.

Police launched an investigation on Monday afternoon after debris and "waste" appeared in the canal system.

Social media users showed concern for the state of the water after West Midlands Police posted about the mess, with one user saying the brown tinge "looks like sewerage."

However, a spokesperson for the Canal & River Trust reassured residents the sludge was completely normal.

The spokesperson said: "We have spoken to our area operations manager and he has said that we have had colleagues working there over the past few days and they've reported wildlife is thriving and there is no pollution.

"The natural colour of the water may make it look like pollution because it has a brown tinge."

West Midlands Police has since passed the issue on to the Canal & River Trust and the local Environmental Services who will continue to monitor the canal and clean up the left over debris.