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West Midlands to become 'wet and windy' as UK prepares for 'heaviest rain and strongest winds' this autumn

The UK is set to experience some of the “heaviest rain and strongest winds” it has seen so far this autumn on Friday, and while the most severe weather will be in Scotland and Northern Ireland, it's going to be wet and windy in our region too.

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It'll become wet and windy in the West Midlands on Friday.

As "severe gales" of up to 55 mph hit north-western Scotland and Northern Ireland, the rain is also going to get heavier in the West Midlands.

Tomorrow will feature a scattering of showers across the Black Country, Staffordshire and Shropshire but it will remain largely dry with sunny spills.

However, the somewhat pleasant day will give way to a rather chilly night with patchy frost and fog.

On Friday, as it remains cold, things will get a fair bit worse.

According to the Met Office, it's going to become "wet and windy on Friday with heavy rain sweeping through" the region.

We can then expect further heavy showers on Saturday before everything settles down on Sunday and temperatures return to near average.

Speaking about the forecast for the country as a whole, Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth stressed Friday’s forecast weather is not unusual for the time of year, saying the impacts are expected to be limited at this stage.

She said: “The strongest winds will affect north-western Scotland and Northern Ireland where severe gales are possible, up to 55mph, during Friday morning and afternoon.

“There will also be strong winds along the south coast on Friday afternoon and evening, where there is a chance of gales, for a short period of time.”

She added: “We are expecting the strong Atlantic jet stream to develop and push a deep area of low pressure across the Atlantic that will bring a spell of rain to the UK on Friday with some strong winds following.

“It is likely to bring some of the heaviest rain and strongest winds we’ve seen so far this autumn."