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'I feel paranoid and have anxiety after mob came into my home' says victim of killer car thief

One of the victims of a killer car thief can no longer sleep peacefully in her own home.

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The wrecked Ford Fiesta after Ethan Holness crashed it

Ethan Holness was given a new jail term at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Tuesday after admitting a string of car thefts committed while he awaited trial for causing the death of a passenger in a stolen car he was driving in 2021.

The victim watched her CCTV in horror when "a mob" of thieves entered her Bushbury home whilst she and her children slept upstairs.

She was only awoken when she heard her Audi A6 being driven off her drive. She was traumatised at the theft but relieved her family had not woken up and come face to face with the thieves downstairs.

"As a result of this I feel paranoid. I feel if I have been targeted for this attack. I have viewed CCTV and they came directly into my driveway. If was as if there entire purpose - was to target my house I was shocked at how many of them there were. There were more of them than us in our home.