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Police seize one uninsured vehicle every 70 minutes in the West Midlands

An uninsured vehicle is seized every 70 minutes by police in the West Midlands.

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Op Drive Insure is aimed at targeting uninsured drivers

A new report has revealed more than 6,000 uninsured cars have been seized in this year alone so far.

The new figures, which come as part of Operation Drive Insured for Road Safety Week, show that as of this month, 6,444 vehicles have been seized for not being insured.

West Midlands Police went on to say that the West Midlands has some of the highest levels of uninsured vehicles in the country, with 6,444 vehicles seized this year, equalling one vehicle every 70 minutes.

The figures were released as part of Road Safety Week, which saw officers of the West Midlands Police take to the streets to carry out enhanced enforcement activity and stop and check, and also informative sessions teaching drivers the dangers and consequences of uninsured driving.

Chief inspector Rebecca Barnsley, said: "Uninsured drivers are a menace to our roads and communities, and we will not tolerate their reckless behaviour. Their actions endanger lives and cost the economy billions annually.

"They cause more collisions, inflict immense physical, emotional, and financial damage, and are often linked to serious crimes. We are committed to removing them from our roads and making our streets safer for everyone.

West Midlands Police have said that they will continue to carry out proactive operations to stop vehicles and check they are being driven with correct insurance, and also be on the lookout for 'fatal four' offences, which include speeding, drunk and drug driving, not wearing a seatbelt, and using mobile phones while driving.

Chief inspector Barnsley continued: "This campaign is crucial to eradicating these dangerous motorists and making our roads safer.

"We urge all motorists to check their insurance is valid and their vehicles are roadworthy to protect lives and prevent accidents."

West Midlands Police have also taken the time to remind drivers that if caught driving without insurance, they could face up to £1,000 and six penalty points on their licence, and may also have their car seized and destroyed.