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Massive £150,000 cannabis farm discovered during police raid in Bearwood

Police have uncovered £150,000 worth of cannabis during a raid in Bearwood.

Police found £150,000 worth of the drug.

Officers cited "great teamwork by Smethwick NHT" for the discovery of the massive factory.

Smethwick Police recovered the huge haul of plants and posted a photograph of them in bags stacked on top of each other.

Following a "footchase" they also have a "male in custody," and credited "community intelligence" for the successful operation.

The Tweet read: "Today great Teamwork by Smethwick NHT as cannabis grow discovered at an address in Bearwood where £150,000 worth of cannabis recovered and following footchase male in custody #yousaidwedid following community intelligence".

Alongside the Tweet, police also published a Crimestoppers poster which appears to explain why community intelligence is important in enforcing cannabis laws.

"Cannabis isn't the harmless drug people often think it is," the poster says.

"Organised crime gangs that grow it can bring crime, violence and intimidation into your area."

A Crimestoppers poster.
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