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Perton murder: Shocked neighbours had not seen victim for four weeks

Neighbours of murder victim Jomaa Jerrare have been left in shock at learning of the mother-of-one's death.

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Jomaa Jerrare, inset, lived at Hampton View in Heath Town. Photo: SnapperSK

Ms Jerrare was yesterday named by police as the woman who had been found dead next to the main road between Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth after being set on fire.

Detectives have now arrested two suspects, men from Bilston and Birmingham, on suspicion of her murder.

Ms Jerrare, who lived in Heath Town, Wolverhampton, was found by officers just before 2.30am in a layby in Bridgnorth Road, Perton, on Monday.

At Hampton View, the high-rise flat building where Ms Jerrare lived, the reaction from neighbours was shock, sadness and anger.

The detective in charge of the investigation has described the 52-year-old's life as "chaotic" and said her family had not heard from her for around six weeks.

Meanwhile one neighbour told the Express & Star that she had Ms Jerrare had not been seen near her home for around one month.

WATCH: Detective speaks from murder scene

April Boyd lived a few floors down from Ms Jerrare and described her as a nice and quiet person who kept to herself.

She said: “I knew her just as a neighbour as we would pass each other in the hallways, but she seemed nice and kept herself to herself, with good and bad points like everyone else.

“I am so very shocked about this news as I was talking to the police when they came here last night and I mentioned I hadn’t seen her or heard anything from her for about four weeks.

"It’s just so awful and I’m so angry that something like this could happen to anyone.”

Police at the scene on Bridgnorth Road where Ms Jerrare was found

Another neighbour, who didn’t want to give her name, said: “I’m really shocked about this as I had seen her in passing and spoken to her once or twice.

“It’s more shocking because it’s someone living not far from you and you wonder what happened.”

Ms Jerrare had one adult child but lived on her own in her flat on the corner of Woden Road.

Shopkeepers on nearby Wolverhampton Road were upset at the news and said they recognised Ms Jerrare from passing by.

One business owner said: “It’s so horrible to hear about this as I remember her walking past and giving her a wave.

“That news has really shaken me, to tell you the truth, as it’s very close to home when you’ve known the person in some way.”

The high-rise building where Ms Jerrare lived. Photo: SnapperSK

Another shop owner, who didn’t want to be named, said: “She would go past the shop a lot and come in every now and again, so I do remember her from that.

“I’m sad to hear she’s died and I think it’s awful the way she’s died.”

A post mortem has taken place but the cause of Ms Jerrare's death is still yet to be established as the investigation by Staffordshire Police continues.

Detectives believe that she was killed before being driven to the layby in Perton.

Her body was so badly burned that police were initially unsure of her age, gender or ethnicity.

Detective Superintendent Tom Chisholm, who is leading the investigation for Staffordshire Police, has appealed for anyone who had seen Ms Jerrare in recent months to come forward so officers can piece together a timeline of her movements before her death.

Bridgnorth Road is expected to stay shut until at least the weekend as specialist officers continue to scour the layby, hedgerows and nearby fields.

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