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Family and friends of murdered Reece Cox hold tribute walk

Family and friends of a young father walked from the Black Country pub he was killed outside in his memory.

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Organiser Cara Connigale, Reece's partner Rebecca Ball, and Reece's father Darren Cox took part in the walk

Loved ones of Reece Cox walked from the Clifton pub in Sedgley to Molineux.

The 24-year-old Wolves fan died when he was set upon by six young men outside the pub last year.

Mr Cox attempted to play peacemaker as trouble flared but became the target of the group of thugs who subjected him to a savage attack, in which he was kicked in the head.

The walk was organised by Cara Connigale, from Sedgley, to raise money for the family. The victim's partner Rebecca Ball and father Darren Cox took part.

Family and friends, including (front centre) Reece's father Darren Cox

She did not know Mr Cox personally but was touched by his tragic death and wanted to do something to help the family, who backed the event.

It resonated with her especially as her own father, Andy Owen, was also murdered in Sedgley in 2007. The 42-year-old was attacked as he walked home from a night out.

The 22-year-old teaching assistant said: "I know what impact it can have on your life when you lose someone, especially when they’re murdered.

"It brings back a lot of heartache. Me and my family didn’t have a lot of support or social media coverage like how Reece’s death has. I just wanted Reece’s family and try and raise awareness and money to help them.

"I didn’t know Reece personally, his murder just mentally affected me and brought it all back, so if I can help a tiny bit then that’s all that matters."

Reece Cox

Mr Cox's six killers were jailed in May, with five convicted of murder and the other manslaughter.

Ms Connigale said it was an emotional day as the group made their way to Molineux.

She continued: "Reece’s death really hit home for me and my family, it’s so sad seeing another family go through what we did and what’s even worse is that it happened in our home town.

"Both Reece and my dad were lovely men who got taken too soon and they were loved by many."

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