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WATCH: Biker, 13, tries to evade police helicopter through city streets

This is the moment a boy aged just 13 sped through city streets on a motorbike as he tried in vain to flee from a police helicopter.


The vehicle had nearly collided with a family, prompting West Midlands officers and the helicopter to be dispatched to an estate in Birmingham.

Footage appears to show the three young men on the bike glance up at the aircraft, before two flee. The rider takes the vehicle on to the pavement, while the aircraft gives directions to officers on the ground.

He falls from the bike on a piece of grassland before he's chased by an officer on foot.

The teen manages to give him the slip as he sprints through the streets of Druids Heath, but eventually gives up as other officers close in.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "The motorbike was tracked from above by the helicopter enabling officers on the ground to catch up with it.

"The 13-year-old riding the bike then made a run for it and after initially evading one officer was arrested by a second moments later.

"He was questioned about what happened and handed a police caution."

The drama happened in May, but footage has only now been released by West Midlands Police.

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