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Starmer: 'I wouldn't cause damage to working people' after hearing Wolverhampton couple's plight

Sir Keir Starmer said he met a Wolverhampton could who decided they couldn't afford to have a second child due to the fallout from Liz Truss’s 2022 mini-budget.

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer

The Labour leader made the comments as he denied scaling back ambitions while launching the party’s doorstep offer to voters ahead of the general election.

Sir Keir leader unveiled a pledge card with six “first steps” his party would take if it were to win power as he spoke at a campaign event in Essex.

The steps include measures to invest in the NHS, education and policing, to set up a new national energy company and an elite border force, and to promote economic stability.

Sir Keir hit back at suggestions the pledges were a scaled-back version of his party’s ambitions for government set out previously in five missions for “national renewal”.

He sought to portray the first steps as part of Labour’s wider programme for government, as he attempted to manage expectations about what the party could achieve in power following the UK’s recent economic difficulties.

“I’m not scaling back our ambition absolutely at all,” he said.