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The Bilston pub known as a jazz and blues club with a rich history of playing live music

As pubs continue to battle the cost of living crisis, the Express & Star continues its Love Your Local series which celebrates our local inns.

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The Trumpet in Bilston.

The Trumpet in Bilston is known as a jazz venue thanks to its rich history of playing the music in the pub since the late 1950's where owner at the time, Les Megson would play jazz records due to his love for the music genre.

Today, the pub is run by Musti Bouameur, 75, who is a fascinating character with an incredible story on how he came to run the pub.

Musti, originally born in Algeria, spent many years playing in bands in North Africa and Southern France, before moving to England, where he discovered The Trumpet and eventually took over as landlord.

The Trumpet, run by: Musti Bouameur

Before becoming the landlord, Musti was a school teacher that would visit the pub several times a week to listen to the music, and he eventually started playing the drums there each week, and the tenancy became available and after some encouragement from friends, he went for it and has been there ever since - coming up to 17 years of running the pub this year.

Thanks to the pub's rich history with Jazz music, and Musti's love for the music, he was recently interviewed on International Jazz day and he said that before becoming the landlord, he would tell himself that one day the pub would be his, but he meant it as in calling it his own as his local pub, but today, he is the landlord of the pub and loves every minute of running the establishment where he gets to celebrate his love for music and still to this day, he gets to play the drums.

Love Your Local in Bilston at: The Trumpet, run by: Musti Bouameur,

He runs the pub with the assistance of his partner, Diane Elcock, 49, who is a teacher but helps out with the pub in the evenings.