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Sandwell couple cultivate business growing exotic herbs in tight spaces

A Sandwell couple are celebrating the sudden success of their herb-growing business.

Andy Perry, co-manager of Urban Herbs. A self-grow herb business which has grown to have thousands of online followers

Andrew and Kate Perry, from Rowley Regis, have spent the last few years cultivating a one-of-a-kind herb-growing business which focuses on growing herbs and vegetables in a confined space.

Urban Herbs was created over a decade ago, focusing on growing and sustaining all manners of cooking and mixing herbs all while providing knowledge on the quirky but flavourful plants.

The business is now developing an online profile, where it has received a huge following by suggesting ways to create your herb garden in confined spaces.

Andrew Perry, 36, said: "Our business took off over lockdown, and all of our regular trading events got cancelled so we decided to send the herbs via mail and to create social media content.

"It just exploded, we created these how-to guides on growing herbs. Three years on and my personal social media account has 114,000 followers and the business one has 50,000, it just took off, we even dispatch nationwide now."

Following the business's online success, they were even approached by a book publisher who asked them to put their unique ideas onto paper.

Mr Perry continued: "From what I have heard the book is doing well, it's completely different than running a business numbers-wise, but it is going well.

"I spent the last 10 years selling plants, what I'm finding is that book sales are out of my control, It's an educational experience."

As well as selling vegetables and herbs, the business also provides how-to guides to growing certain plants and utilising the space around the create your own vegetable garden.

The business owner said: "A lot of what we do is education. I believe that it isn't so much about people not knowing how to grow, but it's all about knowing what to grow.

"A lot of people go for potatoes, which take up a lot of space, but produce a lot of product, but you could save space by doing stuff like spinach, which doesn't actually take that much and has a really fast turnover rate."

Mr Perry is now looking to teach about the perks of growing home-grown produce, hoping to save money and make the area just a little bit greener.

He continued: "I'm really passionate about the area I live in, It sounds stupid, but I'm quite proud of this area, there are amazing businesses and really good people around here.

"I believe that this is an area that is always changing, it's always been at the forefront, we had the industrial revolution, and now we are having the growing revolution."