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WATCH: Drone on Chase picks up new images of mysterious 'Black Eyed Child' in woods

This mystery figure has been spotted wandering woods at Cannock Chase, sparking similarities to several reports of a black-eyed child at the site over the decades.


Operators of a drone took the footage of the figure while flying the machine over the beauty spot. The footage now gone viral on the internet.

The sighting, of what seems to be of a person dressed in a light coloured garment, has got paranormal enthusiasts wondering whether it is the apparition of a spooky black-eyed child that has fascinated them for decades.

Is it the Black Eyed Child which the camera filmed?

The footage from the drone that has been posted on internet site YouTube shows the quadcopter flying over the chase when it picks up a figure moving furtively under the tree cover next to a large field that is showing signs of being ploughed.

A road can be seen to the left of the screen.

Who or whatever it is that has been captured by the drone's camera can clearly be seen walking at the edge of the woodland close to the field. As the lens zooms in on them the figure then comes to a complete stop before seeming to cover their face in the undergrowth.

Psychic Christine Hamlett last year claimed to have come face-to-face with The Black Eyed Child described as having charcoal eye sockets after several reports of sightings. She revealed the ghoul was most likely the victim of a diphtheria outbreak in the 1800s.

Hamlett believes the ghostly form which has been spooking visitors for 30 years is the victim of a deadly plague that wiped out scores of people in the Victorian era and the disease diphtheria was known for causing victims to suffer paralysis in their eyes, making their sockets appear sunken.

Elements of the legend were also included in a horror movie by the writer and director Iain McNamee who brought the movie to Stafford Gatehouse Theatre. The Singing Bird Will Come was filmed at locations across Staffordshire and Shropshire.

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