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The Fizzogs go Stateside

Dancing granny sensations The Fizzogs have gone Stateside after being snapped up by two TV stations.


The unique trio's Dancing Grannies routine will be broadcast on TruTV in Los Angeles next month.

And a Canadian television station is screening two half hour episodes of the acclaimed group's comedy drama Black By Day.

The transatlantic breakthrough comes on the back of the Fizzogs going viral last year when the grannies' dance went viral, attracting 1.6million hits worldwide.

The Black By Day episodes were directed by Sedgley-based Matt Hickinbottom, who has built a growing reputation in Canada as a filmmaker.

The two episodes were filmed largely at the Black Country Living Museum and feature costumed guides and demonstrators alongside Fizzog stars Sue Hawkins, Deb Nicholls and Jacky Fellows.

They tell the story of two feuding Black Country families, the Froggatts and Cotterills, and there are hopes a full series will be made if enough money is raised.

TruTV in Los Angeles will show the granny dance on a programme called Top Funniest.

Fizzog Deb said: "I just hope everyone across in America can understand us.

"Since the Grannies went viral on the internet out fame seems to have spread and we have had a lot of requests for work. It's amazing how quickly the word has spread.

"This is going to be a big year for us with Edinburgh and the Grand Theatre coming up and a new pantomime at the end of the year. It's been hard work but well worth it to see that our fan base growing."

The Fizzogs will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's The Space Venue from August 6 to 13. They soon will launch a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for this venture.

The group will also be staging one of their murder mystery nights, Who Killed Little Willie, at the Black Country Living Museum on June 5.

And on September 3 they will perform at Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre, in a show that will feature Barbara Nice, aka Janice Connolly of Coronation Street and Phoenix Nights fame.

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