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Candidate in Facebook rant at Wolverhampton 'scum'

A Conservative candidate bidding to be a Wolverhampton councillor described the city as having a 'disproportionate number of scum' and claimed people should move somewhere nicer 'like Syria'.


The comments were made on the Facebook account of prospective Tory candidate for Bushbury North Carl Husted.

Mr Husted, who is hoping to replace former council leader Councillor Neville Patten in the seat, went on to say the rest of the city should be abandoned and 'left to kill one another' while commenting on a video of an attack near the bus station.

He played down the post as 'ironic' insisting anyone with a 'double digit IQ' would understand it.

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Councillor Patten, who is the leader of the Wolverhampton Conservatives, said he has advised Mr Husted's agents to warn the Tory candidate about his conduct.

The post was in relation to a police appeal which showed a pensioner being assaulted in 2012.

Mr Husted defended the Facebook post, saying: "The first part of that statement is that anyone who attacks a pensioner is scum.

"The second half to the statement is evidently a joke.

"My Facebook profile is public and always has been if people don't understand the context of what is written and they can see what it is since 2007.

"I'm quite happy that anyone with a double digit IQ would understand it (the Facebook status) as hyperbole or ironic."

Councillor Patten said: "This was something that was posted 18 months again and at a time Carl probably didn't think of standing in Bushbury North.

"Wolverhampton is a fine city with fine and welcoming people.

"It has its problems with a few people but as does Walsall, Dudley, Sandwell and Birmingham.

"I have advised the agents of Carl to speak to him and warn him about situations like this.

"I'm sure there is a part of Carl that does regret what he has said maybe he would be best to put out a statement speaking about this fine city and its fine people.

"Otherwise why would someone want to be elected to the city council? It would allow us all to move on."

Labour councillor for Bushbury North, Ian Angus, called for Mr Husted to apologise.

He said: "Most people in Wolverhampton will find Mr Husted's statement deeply offensive.

"We have our problems, like many other towns and cities, but that doesn't detract from the pride I have in my home city and its citizens.

"It's an irresponsible statement and I would hope that, as someone who is seeking public office, Mr Husted sees fit to offer a sincere public apology to the people of Wolverhampton."

Mr Husted has previously been a councillor in Wolverhampton, representing Bushbury North after being elected in 2008.

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