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West Bromwich Albion's new kit given thumbs-down by fans

West Bromwich Albion's controversial new kit has been given the thumbs-down by supporters, with thousands saying they are not happy with the decision to ditch the team's blue and white stripes.


More than 5,000 fans voted in an Express & Star online poll after news emerged that the Baggies are getting rid of their traditional broad stripes for a 'pinstripe' design.

And 75 per cent of voters were against the changes, that will see Albion play in predominantly white shirts with blue shorts – the biggest break with tradition since the Second World War.

John Homer, chairman of the West Bromwich Albion Supporters Club, said: "I haven't had chance to speak to other supporters so I can only speak for myself, but if this happens I can only see it as an unnecessary break with tradition.

"As traditionalists, I think fans like the stripes that we have always played in.

"I find it hard to see us in blue shorts, as we have been this season, because I always associate blue shorts with difficult times, like when we went down to the third division and when we had our worst ever season.

"I didn't really like the 'barcode' shirt (in the 1990s). It just wasn't us.

"I like to see us in proper stripes because that's what Albion are – blue and white stripes.

"The team even used to run out to 'Stars and Stripes Forever'.

"I found it hard to come to terms with the barcode shirt and I'm not comfortable with anything that goes away from the traditional stripes.

"I know we wore blue shirts and white shorts for a spell after the Second World War because the material wasn't available, but as soon as it was we went back to stripes and that's the way it should stay."

The Baggies are set to unveil the new shirt in the next few weeks and, while club insiders have insisted it will still feature a blue stripe, it is understood that it is predominantly white.

Despite the overwhelming votes against the change some fans have shown support.

The design,will mark the start of a new two-year agreement with kit suppliers Adidas.

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