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Man found hanged after becoming concerned about his health following transplant

A man who became obsessed with his physical health after undergoing a liver transplant and triple heart bypass was found hanged at his home, an inquest heard.


Manjit Sangha was discovered at his address in Coalway Road, Penn, by his brother on October 28 last year. Sandwell Coroner's Court was told Mr Sangha had developed a 'pessimistic outlook' in the final years of his life. And the inquest heard Mr Sangha, 57, was pre-occupied by his physical health visiting Penn Manor Medical Centre 15 times in the 10 months prior to his death.

He had also consulted GPs there on 25 occasions the previous year.

Dr Jonathan White, from the centre in Manor Road, Penn, said: "Mr Sangha needed to take medication because of the liver transplant and the heart bypass.

"However he did not believe the medication he was taking was appropriate and caused side effects."

Dr White said there was nothing to suggest this was the case – and a post mortem following Mr Sangha's death showed, despite his concerns, there were no issues with his liver or heart.

The inquest was told Mr Sangha had threatened to kill himself before – but there was no indication he had ever intended to go through with it.

It heard how Mr Sangha had previously threatened to cut his wrists but had been stopped by his wife.

She had gone round to speak to him and calmed him down.

He had seen mental health experts but they had seen no signs of clinical depression and he had been referred back to his GP and had been given medication.

Medical experts who saw Mr Sangha said he had been 'very open' about the problems which were worrying him.

The inquest was told he had been able to 'express clearly' how he felt when talking about his concerns.

Mr Sangha was also said to be co-operative to any plans which were put forward to help him.

His wife Daljit Sangha said they had separated six years ago but that they still spoke every day and she saw him at least once a week.

She told the inquest: "After the transplant he was more pre-occupied with his health and thought negatively about it.

"He developed a very pessimistic outlook towards the end of his life.

"He would say he couldn't do things and I would tell him he could. I did not think there was any physical reason why he couldn't do these things it was more a psychological reason."

The court was told that Mr Sangha had left his family a note saying he loved them and apologising. Mr Balmain concluded Mr Sangha had killed himself.

The medical cause of death was given as asphyxia due to hanging.

He said: "He did have health problems but it may be his perception of these problems was greater than they actually were."

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