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Suicide verdict after death of corporal

An Army corporal killed herself after suffering from depression, an inquest heard.


Charlotte Lloyd, aged 37, joined the armed forces in 1994 but left to join West Midlands Police Force nine years later, before signing up again in January 2009.

Her body was discovered in a field off Chester Road in Stonnall, Staffordshire, on July 27, Cannock Coroners Court heard.

Giving evidence, Det Con Michelle Banks said Mrs Lloyd, of Chester Road in Brownhills, had recently split from her partner, Alison Lloyd, and had embarked on another relationship.

She said: "Charlotte was in a civil partnership with Alison but their marriage had broken down. No official divorce proceedings had been lodged at the time of her death but she had started a new relationship with Catherine Fuller.

"On one occasion she went out with her mates in Birmingham and saw Catherine kissing someone else and she was very upset.

"She was in the process of purchasing her own house and she was due to start a new posting in Manchester.

"She told her best friend that she had not been sleeping properly and the last message she sent to her before her death said that she was not in the best place."

Cannock Coroners Court heard Mrs Lloyd had been seeing a doctor and a community psychiatric nurse at Abingdon Dalton Barracks in Oxfordshire, where she was based before her death.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Moffatt said: "If anyone presents a risk to themselves or others they are put on a register.

"I was aware of one or two difficulties that had been raised at health committee meetings with Charlotte but things appeared to be moving in the right direction. Charlotte was highly regarded and I would say her army career was progressing well." The inquest was told that on the day of her death, Mrs Lloyd left her home and went to walk her dog.

She was found hanging from a tree by Christopher King Scott who lived nearby.

South Staffordshire coroner, Andrew Haigh said: "Charlotte's army career seemed to be going well and she was in good health, but she had depression and had talked about suicide, although there was no direct threat to take her own life.

"She was on anti-depressants and she did not leave a farewell message or a suicide note. I am satisfied she did intend to kill herself."

He concluded Mrs Lloyd died after committing suicide while depressed.

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