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Owners finally see the light as rampant ivy gets the chop

A homeowner who was fined when he refused to cut back ivy and weeds that left his house hidden from view for 10 years has finally cut them off.


Ken Mould's three-bedroomed detached home in Rugeley was completely consumed by foliage leaving it invisible to passers-by.

The 50-year-old allowed his garden to become so overrun with plants not even the chimney of could be seen and the deep wilderness extended so far forward from the house the shape of the building could no longer be made out from the pavement.

After – the ivy has now been completely removed and the house tidied up ready for Christmas

Mr Mould still lived inside the house with his wife Diane, 50, despite the roof and first-floor windows being totally hidden.

Mr Mould was fined £1,000 in February at Stafford Magistrates Court after ignoring council orders to get the eyesore trimmed.

But now he has finally complied with the order, cutting the foliage.

Neighbours living on Swallow Close say it is a relief it has all been trimmed back.

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