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This year's Miss England winner and our own Miss Black Country share a very important cause

After the Miss England Finals at Wolverhampton's spectacular Grand Station venue, the current Miss Black Country has reflected on the event with pride and hails the winner.

Milla Magee being crowned Miss England 2024. Photo:

Miss Black Country Alice Jones has congratulated the new Miss England after what was a 'glamorous and spectacular' event last week. The 28-year-old competed last year and this year was invited as a guest, as the cut-off age for competitors is 27.

Nevertheless, Alice says she was happy to be a 'friendly face' for the contestants and offer them support.

Alice, who has worked at the West Midlands Ambulance Service for eight years and been a paramedic for six, said the title was well deserved by this year's Miss England winner, Milla Magee.

The 23-year-old qualified lifeguard, model and surfer from Newquay did her campaign on CPR, something which Alice said was common ground between the women.

Alice said: "It was an amazing event. I couldn't compete this year but I was so happy to have been invited as a guest.

Reigning Miss Black Country, Alice Jones

"It was nice that it was in Wolverhampton, which is an area I work in and am familiar with, and that we got to showcase the Grand Station which is really nice.

"The competition this year was definitely quite difficult, there were all new faces, no-one was the same from last year, so there was a lot to learn about each competitor – but just being able to be there and support and talk to the other girls and give them advice, it was nice. I could calm them down if they were nervous and just be a friendly face."

Alice says it was tough competition but the title 'went to the right person'.

She added: "I wouldn't have liked to choose the winner, but Milla is definitely deserving of the title.

Milla Magee being crowned Miss England 2024. Photo:

"I think she did really well. She was really good at public speaking. When she was in the top five getting asked the questions, her answers were brilliant.

"Her campaign is about CPR which is similar to what I did for mine last year. I'm really supportive of that. The more people we can make aware of CPR the better.

"I'm still working on getting more AEDs into schools so there is definitely a common ground between them there."

Alice's latest venture involved installing a brand new accessible defibrillator to the gates of a school in Walsall.

The lifesaving piece of equipment was installed on the gates of Walsall Academy, and is part of Alice's mission to get an automated external defibrillator (AED) outside every school in the West Midlands.