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TikTok video peeks behind the scenes as Black Country's viral 76-year-old dancer stars on game show

A dancing lollipop man from the Black Country who became a TikTok star with his rapping son has found new fame on the UK game show circuit.

Presenter Bradley Walsh with 76-year-old viral lollipop man, Brian Kilgallon

Rapper and TikTok personality Jay Scott posted a video from behind the scenes of Blankety Blank after his father, Brian Kilgallon from Oldbury, appeared on the show on September 30.

The video, which shows Brian in his now iconic pink suit as he prepares to appear on television, went viral online, soon gathering over 100,000 views and over 4,000 likes.

Brian, from Oldbury, said: "We actually went on the show in April but it only recently went out.

"It was so good, It was really enjoyable. I actually went and had my make-up done for this one - I thought I looked pretty young."