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Mums in Stafford celebrate Mother's Day with a twist at family-friendly rave

Hundreds of people in Stafford let loose whilst celebrating Mother's Day at a family-friendly "rave".

Sophie Parekh pictured at the Mother's Day event on March 18

The event at Casa bar, put on by Big Fish Little Fish, saw more than 400 people in attendance.

And there was something for the whole family, as Stafford-born DJ Mark Archer played garage music for the parents whilst children took part in craft activities.

Sophie Parekh, who is Big Fish Little Fish's area manager for the West Midlands and Northwest, said: "What I love about Stafford is that the families are the right vibe – I always find that Stafford families are up for a good time.

"It was a sunny day so we had the terrace open but the last 20 minutes it tipped it down, so all the kids went out and danced in the rain so they really enjoyed it.

Sophie pictured with Liana Tunmer who came to the rave with her two-year-old, Mali Tunmer

"The staff at Casa were really helpful and surprised at the turnout, lots of Prosecco was drank and it was a nice way to celebrate Mother's Day.

"It was joyfully feral, everybody was just happy to be out, I threw all this paper into the crowd and people just took a deep breath and allowed themselves to be silly - they just let loose in Stafford."

The events company hosts raves across the county, with their Mother's Day celebration being one of the most popular.

Stafford-born Mark Archer provided the tunes for the event

The 32-year-old added: "A lot of mums forget to have fun and have a dance, they haven't been to a nightclub for some time – we get a lot of grandparents come along for Mother's Day too so it's multi-generational.

"There's a time and a place for baby groups and all the other stuff you do with baby, but Big Fish Little Fish is about you as a parent and that's why we don't play children's music.

"We've learnt a lot along the way about what works, the music is played at a lower volume for the children and we have lots of effects like bubbles and snow machines that grab their attention – it's a different experience for them to have with their families."

People can find out about the other events set to be hosted by Big Fish Little Fish, including at Camp Bestival in Shropshire, by visiting