11 protagonists who might not have been so great, according to the internet

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From Spongebob to Batman, Reddit has some opinions.

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Protagonists in books, films and TV are generally viewed in a positive light – but what if the audience could change perspective and view these stories from other characters’ points of view?

This is a question Reddit users are tackling and these 11 examples show that, to some, protagonists aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.


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2. From user TenTonBlue

“Spongebob from Squidward’s perspective.”

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4. From user RavenousGorge


“Most sitcom protagonists. They’re complete d**** to people, especially people outside their circle.”

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6. From user bobqrublic

“Sherlock Holmes, told from the perspective of the Scotland Yard detectives Holmes is a coked out, smug maniac.”

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8. From user spinach1991

“I’ve always thought Harry Potter was the smarmiest little s***.

“Imagine being another kid at that school. He thinks he’s so f****** great, he gets special treatment all the time, he’s super rich.

“I bet he doesn’t even need those glasses, can’t he just magic his vision better? P****.”

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10. From user Weedlefruit

“Peppa Pig – She’s a spoiled, jealous whiney nightmare and kids love her.”

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