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Wrestlers defeated in burrito contest

A pint-sized woman with a big appetite has put some of the best burly British wrestlers to shame by beating them in an eating contest.


Emma Dalton demolished the seven pound Monster Mad Dog Burrito at Smokey's restaurant in Walsall in just 15 minutes.

Wrestlers Grado, Jimmy Havoc and Jester were visiting the town to film their Smoke House Challenge for BBC documentary Insane Fight Club.

Barely making it through half of the burrito – a feast of chilli, rice, onions, peppers, cheese and toppings – the Insane Championship Wrestling team watched in amazement as 25-year-old Emma polished off the meal along with a side order of fries and beans.

The telesales account manager stands at a tiny 5ft 4ins and is a dress size eight. And it isn't the first time the champion chomper has taken on an eating challenge and won.

Emma, from Bromsgrove, has travelled the country to complete 11 challenges in as many weeks and boasts a 100 per cent record.

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She admits she has always had a healthy appetite and hasn't looked back since she embarked on a challenge while on holiday in the USA.

She said: "I have always had a big appetite but it wasn't until I was on holiday in Orlando, Florida that I realised how much I could put away.

"I took on the Hard Rock Hotel Kitchen Sink challenge in Orlando, which was a 10oz burger, fries and a 3lbs cake and won.

"I've been doing eating challenges ever since because if you win, you get it for free," she said.

Smokey's restaurant in Station Street is known for its giant challenges with the Monster Hotdog and Monster Burger defeating plucky eaters.

But she has defeated those challenges too, earning her place on the Wall of Fame.

"I'm never sick after a challenge – I have a phobia of being sick," she continued.

"I just wake up the next morning feeling hungrier than usual."

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