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Matheus Cunha: I want to be at Wolves for a long time

Wolves striker Matheus Cunha has opened up about his time at Wolverhampton Wanderers following his £44m move in January.


On playing in the Premier League

It means a lot. It means I've achieved everything I dreamed of in football.

I've always thought about giving my best, and getting to places that are easier to dream about when you're younger, but as you grow up, you learn how tough that is, how tough it is to get to those places.

But with enough resilience and humility, I believe you can move forward, without caring too much about the future, building a foundation out of the few rocks you have until it becomes a massive castle.

To be here and to be able to show to the world and to myself, to that little boy, that my dream has come true, is certainly very pleasing.

I'll do everything I can to stay here for a long time.

How does the Bundesliga compare to the Premier League?

I believe that both [leagues] have a lot of similarities. I think the Bundesliga has much more in common with the Premier League than with La Liga.

The Bundesliga mirrors the Premier League a lot, especially in terms of the physical style of play. I believe the teams strive to be very well-prepared physically and i think this is something that makes the game much more competitive.

The rivalry, the competitiveness, the feeling that you can lose against any team, and you can have a tough match.

The Premier League is the best league in the world, it's “the Hollywood of football”.


My expectations are high. I think we have a great team, as shown in the latest game against Manchester City. Against Manchester United, we also played very well and even against Liverpool.

My responsibility is to have a great season. Personally, I want to accomplish something big but, of course, putting my personal objectives in service of the team, because the team is the most important and the way to go is together.

Relationship with Gary O'Neil

It's great...he came at a very challenging time, where there were more questions than answers, and he handled the situation well.

Now, little by little, he's been moulding the team in his image, and I feel he's a guy who is there to help everyone out.

He's a lot more than a manager, I think he's an incredible person, who is always trying to help us and we take that with us onto the pitch; people like him infuse you with extra energy.

British culture

It's unique, a lot different from Brazil. I'm just getting to know it, i haven't been here for long – not even a year.

People here made a great impression on me. I thought they'd be more stand-offish, when in fact, they've been very warm, friendly and helpful.

The English people made a very positive impression both on me and my family.