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Wolves 1877 Trust calling for freeze to ticket prices

The Wolves 1877 Trust has called on the club to freeze ticket prices for next season after surveying fans on the current cost to watch Premier League football.

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Prices have often risen year on year among most top-flight clubs, with adult season ticket holders at Wolves seeing an average increase of £46 this season, compared to the last campaign.

In a survey of 925 supporters, the Trust has found that 85.9 per cent of fans would not be happy if ticket prices increased again for the 2023/24 season, with 6.6 per cent saying they would be happy and 7.5 per cent saying they are unsure.

When asked about the current ticket prices, 45.4 per cent believe they are too high for the facilities on offer at Molineux, while 35.1 per cent believe the prices are too high but ‘expected for Premier League football’.

Some fans are happy with the current price, however, with 18.9 per cent agreeing with the structure, and 0.5 per cent saying the prices are too low. Looking at the possibility of prices increasing next season, 64.6 per cent said any rise was unacceptable, but 23.1 per cent said they would accept a 1-3 per cent rise.

Trust chairman, Daniel Warren, said: “Representing the views of as many supporters as possible is the overriding goal of the trust and this survey demonstrates that there is a real underlying concern about ticket prices and the deteriorating condition of Molineux.”

The trust has also taken the view that fans will be priced out of attending games, due to the current economic state country-wide and in Wolverhampton.

Of those asked, 55.7 per cent said their well-being would be ‘massively’ impacted if they could not attend games, with 34.4 per cent saying their mental health would be affected.

A statement from the trust read: “The trust is clear in stating that there should be zero percent ticket increase for Premier League football next season.

“We want the club to adopt the ‘One Pack’ philosophy and freeze ticket prices in season 2023/24. It is philosophically incoherent to, on the one hand, fund a charitable trust which seeks to help feed the increasing number of hungry people in our city and, on the other, to continue to extract as much money as possible from devoted fans, some of whom could soon be tipped into poverty themselves in the face of the current economic circumstances.”

The ticketing fan focus group will meet with Wolves next week, where a Trust representative will have the opportunity to raise the findings of their survey.

The full report and survey results will be posted on the Trust website.