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Dave Edwards: Summer recruitment now even more vital at Wolves

With January over, this summer will be a huge window for Wolves.


The lads stepping into the team, the likes of Toti Gomes, have helped the manager out in terms of the need for more players.

But the overriding emotion from fans will be disappointment.

It feels like Wolves are really on the cusp of breaking into the top eight, or even top six, and the only thing that will stop them is squad depth and the lack of a few key individuals to improve the team.

Hopefully it’s not an opportunity missed because Wolves have been in sensational form recently and it would have been a great time to capitalise on it.

At the same time, the January window is always difficult and you don’t want to rush something, especially when you’re paying so much money for players. You don’t want to get it wrong.

You can understand why they haven’t taken a punt on anyone and have gone for low-risk signings like Chiquinho, who will be one for the future.

It now puts a massive emphasis on the summer. When Fosun came in they had the initial additions of Neves, Boly and Jota – which made a huge difference.

Then again when they got promoted they brought in Jimenez, Jonny, Moutinho and Patricio and it really gave them another push.

But since then they haven’t really had that overhaul of players, it’s just been one or two coming in and no real superstars.

This summer will need to be something of that ilk. They will need to get two or three top quality players to really push Wolves on and help Bruno Lage recognise the potential of this football club.

Until the end of the season they’ll now be praying there’s no big injuries. I don’t think the squad is capable yet of making the top four or six, but they’re heading in the right direction and with a good summer you could see how far this team can really go.

In midfield, I think they have enough to get by but it’s not ideal, they should have brought in another midfielder.

But are you really going to want to sign for Wolves when you know it’s so settled with Neves and Moutinho? It would have to be a big name to break into that midfield, so you can understand why they found it difficult to sign a midfielder.

Hopefully, they can get some minutes into Luke Cundle and see if he can make it at that level.

I also think it was right to let Jordao go out on loan. It’s important he plays football after his injury.

In other areas they have players coming back like Neto and Jonny and they will be massive additions to the team, but it will also take them time to get back to the pace of Premier League football.

Overall, it’s an underwhelming window because they have lost Adama Traore – everyone knows what he is capable of and they haven’t replaced him.

No-one will begrudge him leaving. He’s gone to Barcelona and it’s a good move for everyone.

Wolves have moved him on to a different country and will be happy he won’t come back to haunt them.

They could also go on to recoup more than they paid for him and he’s got a chance to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

I think it’s worked out for everyone.

It’s just a shame it didn’t happen a bit earlier and Wolves could have pushed a bit harder for other signings to come in and help the team for the rest of the season.