Work leaves region’s roads looking like a war zone

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This country’s roads are like a warzone you could see in Iraq – holes everywhere.

We are in the 21st century and the road builders cannot build roads that can withstand traffic, ice, snow, rain.

The excuse you get is the heavy usage by lorries, busses, cars, damages the road surface and the water gets in and turns to ice forcing the tarmacadam apart.

How come if you travel in Germany, Sweden, Norway, France and other countries their roads don’t seem to suffer the same fate even though in most cases they get more bad weather than we do?

Is it like that in most industries? They won’t do a first rate job as it effects the knock-on work, hence profits.

With the amount of money that is paid by the road users, the roads should be first class, but of course if the money paid was spent on the roads then we would not be able to spend billions on foreign aid to many undeserving causes (not all).

It’s about time this country got to grips with shoddy repairs made by the service industries gas, electric, phone, water, house builders etc.

How many times have you travelled over services repairs and have a bump as the road dips or sinks? There should be a highways person with the power to force first class reinstatement not a slipshod job.

Brian Williams, Wombourne


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