Disappointment over Jeremy Lefroy's position on Brexit

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My initial reaction to the recent actions of Jeremy Lefroy MP were those linked with a disappointment. How an MP voted pre the European referendum is obviously completely their own concern. However with the majority of the country (52 percent) and indeed the majority of the people of the Stafford area (43,386 in the Stafford area – 56 percent 1) voting in favour of leave there is an argument that their representative in the House of Commons should listen to their view and follow suit.

Jeremy Lefroy

In addition to this when leafleting recently (pre the borough council elections I believe) Mr Lefroy called at my house and we had a quick conversation. I have always been a conservative voter and added that he obviously could rely on my/our support. Mr Lefroy brought up the question of Brexit, and asked if I was happy that it would now be going ahead (he was aware that I was in favour of Brexit and no doubt aware that the issue had split our family roughly along the lines of the nation). I obviously confirmed that I was. After a very brief conversation he departed.

As we are all aware Mr Lefroy was listed as one of the 15 mutineers in the national press recently. On 16th November he went on record in the Express and Star saying it was 'completely ridiculous' that he was trying to frustrate the Brexit process. On the same day he was then quoted in the press saying that “some Tory MPs were 'disappointed' they were not branded 'Brexit mutineers'”.

But this isn’t the first time. Mr Lefroy also had to defend his position on Brexit in September. On 14th September it was reported that he was one of eight Tories to rebel and back amendments put forward by former Attorney General Dominic Grieve in relation to the UK re-joining the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Is it any wonder that today Mrs May’s new offer of £36bn has already been knocked back by some in the EU block? Considering we will never see anything from the £56bn in assets we have within the EU as they are saying there is no such thing as shares in EU assets (very convenient for them) how much more of tax payers’ money does Mr Lefroy think should go to them rather than to the NHS, schools or any other part of the public sector just to start negotiations?

Another interesting figure announced today was that the nation’s annual borrowing this year will be £49.9bn. If nothing else this could have been reduced for the same number of years the £36bn is spread over, which would surely assist the national economy?

If this continues I can guarantee that I will no longer vote for someone who lives out of the constituency at a Parliamentary level and my last vote will be my last going to the Conservative Party whilst Mr Lefroy is their representative on any level. As a resident in Highfields I have only one representative at any level that actually lives in the relevant area that they represent (borough councillors from Weeping Cross and Holmcroft, the county councillor lives within her ward and an MP that lives in Keele). Yes, I voted for this by voting Conservative but any loyalty to the local Conservative Party I may have felt is hanging on by a thread thanks to the actions of Mr Lefroy.

Ivan Jennings



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