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These were the best-selling cars in April

It proved to be yet another month of growth for new car registrations.

Volkswagen Polo

April was another good month for the new car industry, with registrations growing for the 21st consecutive month, according to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

With growth being driven largely by the fleet market, April also saw an increase in the number of battery-electric vehicles being sold – though the SMMT believes that more needs to be done to stimulate uptake. Here, we take a look through the top 10 best-selling cars during April.

Ford Puma – 4,339

The Puma name returned in 2019 as a baby crossover – which is based on the recently demised Fiesta supermini. (Credit: Ford media)

Ford’s Puma continues to hit home with buyers who love its combination of spaciousness and good driving characteristics. With the Fiesta being no longer, Ford only has the Puma to offer as a compact model to drivers, which is probably why it continues to perform so well each month.

There’s also a go-faster ST version available, which provides drivers with a more focused take on the Puma package.

Volkswagen Polo – 3,413

Volkswagen Polo GTI
The Polo continues to be a popular supermini choice. (Volkswagen)

The Polo has always been a good option for drivers after a small yet practical model and it seems those characteristics have continued through to the latest model. The second-best seller during April, Volkswagen’s new Polo has an extra focus on technology though still remains great to drive and surprisingly comfortable.

The Polo’s efficient engines help to make this car a model that doesn’t cost the earth to run or insure, either.

Audi A3 – 3,010


The A3 is a great all-rounder car, providing a comfortable driving experience in a cabin which is brimmed with high-quality materials. It’s all put together very well, too, displaying that typical ‘Audi’ attention to detail.

It took the final podium place in April, too, just falling short of the Polo. However, with just over 3,000 examples registered, it still shows that the A3 remains a popular model.

Nissan Qashqai – 2,495

The facelift Qashqai will get a new trim level called ‘N-Design’. (Credit: Nissan news UK)

Often seen as the ‘original’ crossover, the Nissan Qashqai has always proven to be a hit with families who like this model’s practical cabin and large boot. The latest Qashqai has only boosted these characteristics while introducing some more efficient hybrid-assisted engines.

Nissan recently updated the design of the Qashqai, too, introducing a more futuristic look which should help to boost this crossover’s popularity even further.

Volkswagen Golf – 2,361

The broad choice of versions is key to the Golf’s success. (Volkswagen)

Similar to the A3 with which it has consistently shared so much, the Golf is a great all-rounder. The eighth-generation car’s arrival was hampered slightly by the coronavirus pandemic, but it has quickly bounced back to become a consistent sight in the monthly list of best-sellers.

The Golf’s strength lies in its variety; it has loads of engine and trim choices to opt for while its range of hybrids is great too.

Kia Sportage – 2,192


The Sportage is the car which refuses to depart this list. It’s a model which appears each and every month, no doubt because of its practical nature and value-orientated approach which helps to make it a great fit for all types of drivers.

The Sportage’s dynamic look continues to get people chatting, too, but it’s backed up by solid build quality and loads of great on-board technology.

Volkswagen T-Roc – 2,162

The T-Roc’s diesel engine can return more than 60mpg. (Volkswagen)

April has proven to be a great month for Volkswagen with the T-Roc also making an appearance on the best-sellers list. A practical and good-to-drive compact SUV, the T-Roc is routinely one of Volkswagen’s most popular models.

It’s also available as a performance-focused ‘R’ version, which introduces a punchy 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine into the mix.

MG HS – 2,073

The HS is key to MG’s growing sales. (MG)

MG’s popularity appears to show no signs of diminishing, with this carmaker’s rebirth largely driven by its good-value electric vehicles. The HS – MG’s largest SUV – is a more traditional thing, however, and is available with a petrol engine or a plug-in hybrid setup.

As with other MGs, the HS is packed full of features and gets lots of equipment given its starting price of £24,030.

Volvo XC40 – 2,069

The XC40 is available with a broad choice of electrified powertrains. (Volvo)

Volvo is in a big period of transition at the moment as the Swedish firm introduces its latest range of electric vehicles. However, it is Volvo’s long-standing XC40 which has made an impact on this month’s list of best-sellers, with this car’s excellent build quality and stylish looks ensuring it still resonates with buyers.

Available with a variety of engine options – alongside an electric version – the XC40 remains one of the most desirable SUVs of its type.

Volkswagen Tiguan – 2,004

The new VW Tiguan is now available to order. (Volkswagen)

Rounding out the top 10 list is yet another Volkswagen – the Tiguan. Larger than the T-Roc (which also appears in this line-up), the Tiguan is routinely voted as one of the best family-focused cars out there.

Volkswagen has just introduced a new version of the Tiguan, too, which will no doubt boost this model’s popularity even further.

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