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500 residents call for climate change action

Over 500 concerned residents have called for action in an open letter asking MP Mark Garnier to back the Climate and Ecology Bill.

Phillip Oliver from the Wyre Forest Friends of the Earth, handing over the petition letter to MP Mark Garnier

Saturday saw members of the Wyre Forrest Friends of the Earth (Wyre Forrest FOE) meet to hand over a letter containing more than 500 signatures asking the MP to take action.

Mr Garnier met with members of the climate group to receive the letter, which asked him to back the Climate and Ecology Bill when it is next debated in parliament.

Talking about handing over the letter, Roger Meade, coordinator of Wyre Forest FOE, said: "It went very well, we stood as a group and posed for photos while the signed petition was passed over the Mark Garnier.

"We had a lovely meeting in the local cafe where we talked about various climate change options like nuclear power and capturing solar energy through satellites. Mark Garnier hasn't responded as of yet but we hope he has gone off to think about it."

The group spent months gathering signatures to hand over to the MP, collecting over 500 in the space of 12 months.

Mr Meade continued: "I think this is quite significant really. These signatures have been collected over the course of 12 months, we have stood out there in the cold and knocked on doors collecting these.

"This really is an important one, this was also overseen by the Zero Hour group, which helped to bring this together, they helped put these signatures together for us.

The group placed a call for action earlier this month, saying that the current policies are not good enough, and that more needs to be done.

In the call to action, Mr Meade said: "Our current policies are not good enough for limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C, an internationally-agreed target.

"We have suffered for decades of self-interested climate deniers, without whose interventions we might already be well on the way to combatting global warming."

In 2021 the Wyre Forest District Council asked the MP to support the CE Bill, but it was dismissed on the grounds that the Government's provisions were adequate and that those in the CE Bill were impractical.

MP Mark Garnier has been approached for comment.